5 Most Things We Are Missing From Our Childhood

As per our survey we find out that, we are missing five most amazing thing form our childhood when were we are staying with our parents in Village.
Grandmother and Grandfather Stories: As per GanvWale Survey, We find out most people who is working on corporate and try to settle down their career and life, They missed out very badly their Granmaa and Garnpaa stories. They all wanted to back that day.
Grandmother Story

Paper Boat: Paper Boat is the most and interesting thing that every one is missing very badly. They all love to do that right now but due to society and reputation they not able to do that.
paper boat

Shaktiman: The most and famous serial from childhood is Shaktiman. As per survey all guys was telling that we missed Shaktiman serial and craze about that serial.


Excuse: Make an excuse bunk school and go for play and fun with sister and brother.


Mother Loves: Most and important facts, They all missing their mom loves when we did some excuse then after mom were taking care our health unconditionally. Max people crying while telling their MOM stories and still they wanted to that day back.
mom love

Pros and Cons:

We forgot our happiness to finding our career goals and life settlement, But we are not happy internally, All we wanted our day back live our life. So don’t think more just enjoy your life whatever you getting the chance to enjoy. Do not let it go and told yourself we do letter, Because once time went it never comes and try to find joy inside you and do whatever you like to do. Because life is only one and you never no what will happen tomorrow. Be Happy and try to make other happy.



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