If A Cab Driver Or Coolie Makes More Money Than An IT Professional, Why We Need To Complete Degree?

If  a cab driver or coolie makes more money than an IT professional, why we need to complete Degree?
Be the fact our society, we have to complete a degree, It really doesn’t matter whether you goanna makes money or not. Because our Society perception is that, If you did some professional degree then you will get good salary, a wealthy life and many more, But when we come to reality, When we did professional degree then we lost our dream, We can follow our passion, We can do what we really want to do and fade up with our daily life and abuse our jobs and perspective. Here are some facts that might be clear your doubt.
It is not just the taxi drivers who profit than an IT proficient however even a tea seller or a coolie at a railroads station profits than an IT proficient.
Taxi DriversIt is entirely normal for coolies to request extravagant passage when you have such a great amount of baggage with you that you can’t convey. They win at some point Rs 200–300 for only a couple of minutes of administration. They make a few thousand rupees in a day, substantially more than a youthful IT proficient.

Coolie JobsCoolies may, in any case, be profiting even following quite a while of experience while an IT expert would make 10 times that a lot of cash when he/she picks up experience and create larger amount aptitude in the occupation.

  • A coolie with 20 years of experience does not profit than a coolie who has quite recently begun the occupation.
  • An IT proficient with 20 years of experience profits than a crisp graduate.

Your calling is not just to profit.

It is your character and a wellspring of social glory.

The Prime Minister of India or the President of USA might procure just a little sum for every month. Be that as it may, their status and glory is past the creative ability of even the wealthiest individuals on the planet. They would joyfully hold up in line to meet them.

Business (The’s who of Indian business industry were seen lined to meet the US President and Modi at the US-Indo CEO gathering in New Delhi )

Never Forget Some things in life:

  • Money is not all that matters in life.
  • You don’t work to simply acquire cash.

How you acquire the cash is a great deal more imperative and pertinent. Money just increases the wealth, not health.

So just live your life with happiness and healthy way.



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