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OnePlus 5 Launch

OnePlus has launched a teaser for its up and coming SmartPhone. According to a spilled screenshot from Chinese microblogging site Weibo, that affirms two things we definitely knew: the discharge date and the name...

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Technologies For 2017: Smartphone, Grocer, VR, AR

Purchasing foodstuffs could go up against a radical new wind in year 2017. You’ll see the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, conceivably with expanded reality and other cool new augmentations and there very well...

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IZip Electric Bicycle From Chennai On The Way

The non-adapted bike can likewise be accelerated like an ordinary cycle. The Chennai-based Basil Energetics is prepared to dispatch an Electric Bike, iZip, in Hyderabad before the current month’s over. Fitted with a durable...