Hackers Hit HBO: Games of Thrones Season 7 Upcoming Episode Leaked Online

Games of thrones season 7 leaked(Photo: Techworm.net)

The cyber barrier of HBO has been broken and now upcoming episodes of Games of Thrones season 7 have been leaked on the web.

The hackers have allegedly stolen around 1.5 TB (terabytes) of information from HBO’s servers, which could incorporate unreleased scenes of Games of Thrones season 7. Scenes of two different series: Ballers and Room 104  have just been leak online by the hackers.

What HBO staff explained about hacker’s email?

Hackers hit HBO

The Hacker gathering, who have gone up against the name ‘HBO is falling’ told media person in an email they’re ‘fortunate to be the main pioneers to witness and download the break’.

And promising to release two full un-publicized episode of GoT season 7 they likewise discharged the individual subtle elements of HBO correspondences VP Jeff Cusson.

Besides, the hacker who sent the email, and recognizes himself as Mr. Smith, cases to have ‘got alot [sic] about HBO’s staff and inward stuff’. Be that as it may, this claim is yet to be affirmed.

There doesn’t appear to be any thought process so long ways behind the hack, however one hypothesis could be to do with the declaration of the dubious TV series Confederate, which will be going up by GoT showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Since its declaration, there has been an objection against it and amid the airing of episode three of GoT in America the hashtag #NoConfederate was trending all finished online networking site.



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