Nokia 3310 Launch: 6 Things You Should Know About It

nokia 3310 launch

17 years after the genuine land, the new Nokia 3310 is on racks today. With an attractive design and getting at Rs.3,600 ($50) price and a large of wistfulness. It could well entice the odd purchaser tired of the steady weights – and conflicting battery life – of their cell phone.

In any case, while it shares a name and similarity, this isn’t the Nokia 3310 you’ll recollect from school. A shading screen, new catch design, and camera are incorporated, in spite of the fact that your most loved 2D is still here – a few things have revealed all things considered.

Here’s what you should know before getting Nokia 3310:

nokia 3310 features and price

There’s no WhatsApp : You may state this is the general purpose of owning a retro telephone. Yet you’ll need to go back to messaging on this.

The S30+ OS the Nokia 3310 keeps running on doesn’t support applications like WhatsApp, despite the fact that it has an essential website. In case you’re utilized to enormous gathering visits, you’ll pass up a major opportunity.

It won’t take your SIM card: The SIM card opening on the back of the Nokia 3310 is intended for the small scale SIM arrange. Which is greater than the nano SIMs utilized as a part of most cell phones these days.

You’ll either need to get another SIM from your system or purchase a connector. Fortunately, they cost alongside nothing.

Battery life is as dependable as ever in Nokia 3310: The new 3310 doesn’t coordinate to today’s innovative cell phones from numerous points of view. yet it has that renowned battery life – primarily on account of it forgetting every one of the elements that use power like Wi-Fi, 4G and a touchscreen.

Neglect to charge overnight, you’re unfortunate if you need to connect this to more than once per week. If you turned it off you’d presumably discover life left in it years after the fact.

You can check only Facebook news feed: The Nokia 3310 come with Opera web application. Which gives you a chance to visit versatile renditions of sites, for example, Facebook – on the off chance that you have to.

The 2.5G association is agonizingly moderate, in any case, so disregard stacking pictures and recordings, not to mention Facebook Live. What’s more, that screen is too little to see anything of hugeness.

You’ll need to purchase a storage card: The new Nokia 3310 has two or three current elements not on the first – you can tune into music and bring pictures with the (underpowered) 2MP camera.

In any case, there’s no inner stockpiling on the telephone. So you’ll need to purchase a microSD card on the off chance that you need to have the capacity to take the greater part twelve pictures.

Snake game is not how you know that it: In case you’re purchasing the Nokia 3310, there’s a high possibility that Snake is a major some portion of the draw. But, it’s not exactly how you recollect: Snake in 2017 is in technicolor, finish with catalysts, booby traps, and players boards.



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