Supreme Court Verdict: No More Triple Talaq In India

no more triple talaq in india

Triple talaq, the disputable Muslim separation law that enables men to leave their spouses instantly by articulating “talaq” (separate) thrice, has been prohibited by the Supreme Court, which has called it illicit and illegal.

A board of five judges said that triple talaq “is not basic to religious practice and abuses protected ethical quality”.

Five judges of various beliefs – Chief Justice Khehar, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, Justice Uday Umesh Lalit and Justice S. Abdul Nazeer – heard the case more than five days from May 12 to May 18.

Two of the three judges who varied said while triple talaq “might be wicked”, the court can’t meddle in individual laws that are viewed as a central appropriate by the Constitution.

The court called triple talaq “terrible in law” and stated: “We trust the lawmaking body will consider and consider Muslim Personal Law while making enactment. All gatherings must keep their governmental issues away and choose this.”

Alluding to the annulment of the training in Islamic nations, the court addressed, “Why can’t autonomous India dispose of it?”


Triple talaq is lawful for Muslims as per the constitution, yet a few Muslim ladies who have been separated, including by Skype and on WhatsApp, had tested the 1400-year-old practice.


Amid the contentions, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board portrayed the separation rehearse as “shocking”, “wicked” and “undesirable” with no authorize of the Quran and the Shariat. In any case, India’s biggest Muslim body had likewise advised that “testing the legitimacy of traditions and practices was an elusive slant”.

The legislature had upheld the applicants, pronouncing triple talaq unlawful, and censorious and unfair for ladies. However, it had contended that the court should first articulate its choice on the sacred legitimacy of triple talaq, at exactly that point it would bring a law.



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