Talent Acquisition

GanvWale introducing Talent Hunt. It is basically for those guys those don’t have degree or any certificate or you say that dropouts (School or College). And has talent and those who believe in own talent and believe that i am enough capable to do a particular thing and not getting to chance to show your talent.

It doesn’t matter in which area of interest (such as: S/W Development, Digital Marketing, Movie Maker, Graphics Design, Writing and more …) you have.

If you have some spacial talent then show your talent with us and we assured that you will get worth for your talent. To participate you just have send all the details and your work with us @ support@ganvwale.com

What You have to do ?

  • You have just show your interest and share your work with us @ support@ganvwale.com (kindly share your own work).
  • Our team collect all information of student.
  • Our team will go through your interest and rectify the best talent.

If your work will not selected that not means you are not good in your passion, It means some other guys has more qualified than you this time as per our team. So you can try with new work. You can try once in 3 months.

Fill Up the below form as per your interest