Technologies For 2017: Smartphone, Grocer, VR, AR

Purchasing foodstuffs could go up against a radical new wind in year 2017. You’ll see the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, conceivably with expanded reality and other cool new augmentations and there very well might be a self-driving car in front of you.
Looking ahead to the year in tech for 2017 sees a few earth shattering new curves in the portable insurgency, none conceivably greater than changing the way we shop.

Amazon says it will open another sort of basic need in the Seattle range to people in general in mid 2017 that will dump the money enroll and those long lines.
amazon stores

Rather, you’ll simply open up a cell phone application, check your item, and Amazon will deduct the thing from your record. Ought to the idea work, abbreviate the lines and significantly increment deals, you could anticipate that different retailers will participate.

Associated Cars
associated cars

No, 2017 isn’t the year self-driving autos go standard. In any case, with Uber participating in self-driving tests in Pittsburgh and Arizona, and with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and different car exhibitions booked for ahead of schedule one year from now highlighting the most recent and most noteworthy in tech, we’re plainly going to hear and seeing a great deal about the new associated and truly savvy auto in 2017.

New iPhone


Steve Jobs initially prodded the iPhone in January 2007 and after that propelled it in June. The world hasn’t been the same since. More than 1 billion iPhones have sold to date and applications run our lives — where might we be without Waze and Uber?

The following iPhone, expected in September, could be an updated best in class ponder, with brighter show, speedier processor, remote charging and maybe expanded reality innovation.


Facebook pushed the live experience big time in 2016. In any case, past the famous people, telecasters and media brands indicating enormous meetings or occasions, when’s the last time you really watched your neighbor’s BBQ? The answer is most likely never, which could incite Facebook to simply concentrate on the big deal names in 2017 .

You’ll see more virtual-reality items that endeavor to charm purchasers by taking them into another world, with ideally more buyer benevolent components and more organizations look to video glasses that wed the increased reality of applications like Pokémon Go to genuine living. Snapchat’s Spectacles, the $129 video glasses, were gobbled up by purchasers, who remained on long lines to get them from a wild-looking candy machine.

Speculators will look to Snapchat’s spring $25 billion IPO and potentially Uber too to attempt and profit from tech, while those of us who appreciate living in this present reality will look to Facebook to tame its issues with fake news, which its said it needs to do.

More voice items
amazon echo sound system

This previous year saw Amazon’s Echo and littler Dot-associated speaker develop as tech smash hits. Reverberate is a 2015 item that took off in 2016 — before the year’s over, the e-posterior was sold out for the occasions. With Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Echo-like Home item, Amazon has loads of rivalry and will see more in 2017.

“You’ll see significantly more from a considerable measure of organizations: why wouldn’t an inn network like Marriott have its own? By 2019, they’ll be super basic,” McQuivey says. One year from now, Cortana will unite with Harman Kardon to convey smarts to sound speakers while Alexa is coming to Sonos sound speakers.



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