Author: Ganvwale

YouTube Miniplayer for PC

YouTube Mini Player Feature for Desktop/Browser/PC

YouTube now introduce the new feature for Desktop/Browser/PC based named as YouTube Miniplayer. They introduced now miniplayer feature for browser base YouTube that is really a cool feature that we are enjoyed till now...

Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin May Get A Boost From China

Bitcoin has been on an incredible rollercoaster ride over the last 18 months or so. In January of 2017 it topped $1,000 in value for the first time; only a little under a year...

Samsung PN51D6500 and PN59D6500

Samsung PN51D6500 1080p Smart TV Review

The Samsung PND6500 series includes 2 models: The PN51D6500 & the PN519D6500 which are identical except the screen size – 51″ & 59″ respectively. The Samsung Plasma PN51D6500 is a stunning 51-inch, 3D compatible,...